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White Rose Society's Journal
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Date:2007-03-15 14:25

Bush challenges hundreds of laws

President cites powers of his office

The Boston Globe

This is old, but I was searching for a list of staff changes made under Bush and I thought this was a decent compendium of various ways in which Bush is unlawfully taking extended executive power, and imposing fascist rule on our country. Go figure.

This quote is just one example.

After signing each bill, Bush declared in his signing statement that he did not have to obey any of the Colombia restrictions because he is commander in chief.

Bush has also said he can bypass laws requiring him to tell Congress before diverting money from an authorized program in order to start a secret operation, such as the ''black sites" where suspected terrorists are secretly imprisoned.

Congress has also twice passed laws forbidding the military from using intelligence that was not ''lawfully collected," including any information on Americans that was gathered in violation of the Fourth Amendment's protections against unreasonable searches.

Congress first passed this provision in August 2004, when Bush's warrantless domestic spying program was still a secret, and passed it again after the program's existence was disclosed in December 2005.

On both occasions, Bush declared in signing statements that only he, as commander in chief, could decide whether such intelligence can be used by the military.

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Date:2004-05-05 20:24
Subject:Source Material?
Mood: contemplative

I'm looking for source information, and was hoping this might be a good place. Does anyone know good source(s) (book, online, whatever) for information on the cultivation of antisemitism in Germany in the early 1930's? What happened where when? What was explicitly done by the Nazi's, what was done by run of the mill bigotry, what was done covertly by the Nazi's to make it look like grass-roots bigotry?

I'm trying to explore possible parallels between modern treatment of Muslims in the US and pre-WWII treatment of Jews in Germany.

PS: I'm also curious if anyone knows of a good source of pictures of propaganda posters from that era (a book or site documenting the posters or a place selling reproductions of the posters, either would work). I'm more interested right now in the antisemetic ones, but I have always had a morbid fascination with propaganda in general, so I'm intersted in it all.

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Date:2003-04-03 18:25
Subject:Bowling for Columbine

Another viewpoint.

Keep in mind this author should not be held above his own criticisms just because he dares to criticize. An interesting collection of claims though.

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Date:2003-04-02 23:30

This community journal is intended to act as a forum for discussions about taking back our freedom. It is named after an anti-fascism movement which happened during Nazi Germany. (More information in the community's profile)

Please use this as a sounding board for news, essays, questions, comments and anything else you feel is important to the maintenance of a free world.

Knowledge is the key to freedom.

It's time to grow up and stop whining and making a scene when mommy won't buy us candy in the checkout aisle. Let's get a job and buy it for ourselves.

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